Renewable Energy Could Electrify Togo

National Economy

The population of the Togolese Republic (Togo) is approximately 8.42 million people[1]. In 2018, only 51.32% of the people in this Sub-Saharan, West Africa. country had access to electricity[2].

In 2019, Togo’s economy was ranked 158th in gross domestic product (GDP) in the world[3]. The country’s economy is dependent on the export of raw cotton, calcium phosphates, coffee, and cocoa.

Environment Policies

In 2016, Togo signed the Paris Climate Agreement[4], committing to an unconditional reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 11.4% by 2030, compared to 2020 levels.

In 2018, the Government of Togo announced an electrification strategy, which sets the national goal of universal access to electricity by 2030.

In 2019, the state-owned electric company, Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo (CET) had a total installed capacity of only 230 MW.

In 2019, CET used petroleum (71.3%) and renewable energy (28.7%) to generate electricity in Togo[5]. Hydropower and solar were the primary sources of renewable energy in the country.

Recent renewable energy projects in Togo include:

  • 50 MW Solar Project – In March 2021, the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed solar power plant in the Blitta region in central Togo was commissioned.
  • Agrivoltaic Project – In March 2021, British utility Bboxx and French utility EDF announced plans to install solar-powered water generation systems for 5,000 farm across the country.
  • Biomass Project – The German Biomass Research Center is continuing work with the Togolese University of Lomé on a biogas pilot project The pilot will continue through year-end 2023.


Togo is rich in renewable energy resource potential, including hydropower, solar, and biomass. Togo’s renewable energy resources could met the country’s goal of universal access to electricity.

Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Substantial international aid will be required if this country is going to meet it Paris Climate Agreement goal, while providing electricity to all the people in this beautiful African country.


Jack Kerfoot

Website – “Our Energy Conundrum”

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