Conversations with Dr Don: Guest Jack Kerfoot

Don Baham interviews Jack Kerfoot about his life-long work in the hydrocarbon industry with particular focus on exploration and development, and where the industry stands today considering global warming, climate change, and the industry's future.

"The Art of Business" Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia News 2009

Jack Kerfoot, is a straightshooter. His words are weighted, his sentences to the point; he conveys the impression of certainty and commitment. As Kerfoot himself stated, he has little time for those unwilling to demonstrate similar dedication and desire for achievement.

Exploration and Production Trends and the Emergence of the National Oil Companies

Adapted from oral presentation at AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Perth, Australia in 2006.

Evolution & Revolution Energy & Power Industry PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation was originally given at the International American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) in Perth, Australia in 2006.

"It’s hands-on for geology students" The Star Online 2005

Geology students of Universiti Malaya (UM) will, for the first time, get to do their course work with actual equipment used in the energy industry... handed over by Murphy Oil Corporation Malaysia senior exploration manager Jack Kerfoot.

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