Renewable Energy Booming In Israel

Country Overview

The State of Israel is bordered by Lebanon, Jordan, Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea. The population of Israel is approximately 9.20 million people.

In 2022, Israel’s economy was ranked 27th in the world in gross domestic product (GDP). The country’s economy is dependent on the export of diamonds, integrated circuits, refined petroleum, medical instruments, and other measuring instruments.

Environmental Policies

In 2016, Israel signed the Paris Climate Agreement, committing to reduce per capita greenhouse gas emissions by 26% below 2005 levels by 2030.

In 2018, Israel enacted the National Program for Adaption to Climate Change in an effort to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.

In 2020, Israel’s government approved a plan to increase power from renewable energy to 20% by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

Power Generation Capabilities

In 2021, 100% of the people in Israel had  access to electricity. In 2021, utilities used natural gas (66.5%), coal (26.7%), and renewable energy (6.8%)  to generate electricity in Israel. Solar is the dominant type of renewable energy used to generate electricity in Israel.

Recent renewable energy developments in Israel includes the following:

  • 800 MW Solar ProjectIsraeli company, Doral Group Renewable Energy Resources is continuing work on the Doral Group Israel Solar PV Park at a site approximately 20 miles northwest of Jerusalem. The project is forecast to be commissioned in 2025.
  • 300 MW Solar + 210 MWh Energy Storage Project – Israeli company Shikun and Shikun & Binui is continuing work on the Dimona solar plus energy storage project at a site approximately 40 miles south-southwest of the nation’s capital, Jerusalem. The project is forecast to be commissioned by year-end 2023.
  • 250 MW Solar + 550 MWh Energy Storage Project – Canadian company Teralight is continuing work on the Ta’anach PV project, which is located in northern Israel.
  • 206 MW Wind Project – In August 2023, Israeli company, Enlight Renewable Energy commissioned the Genesis Wind project, which is located in northern Israel.
  • 152 MW Wind ProjectIsraeli company Energix Renewable Energies is continuing work on the ARAN wind project in the Golan Heights region in northern Israel. The project is forecast to be commissioned in 2025.
  • 121 MW Solar Project – In July 2023, Israeli company Negev Energy commissioned the Ashalim power station at a site approximately 70 miles south-southwest of Jerusalem.
  • 40 MW Solar Project – In July 2023, French power company EDF commissioned a solar project at a site approximately 75 miles south-southwest of Jerusalem.
  • 31 MW Floating Solar Project – In September 2023, Teralight commissioned a floating solar project on a water reservoir which is located in northern Israel.


Israel has been dependent on imported coal and oil for fuel since the country was established in May 1948. In 1999, significant natural gas reserves were discovered approximately 80 miles off the coast of Israel. Domestic natural gas is now a major fuel used to generate electricity in Israel.

Israel imports refined petroleum and coal for transportation and power generation. In 2021, Israel imported U.S. $1.88 Billion just for imported refined petroleum.

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, prompting the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand to place economic sanctions on Russian imports and exports. As a result, the crude oil and natural gas prices increased by over 50% from May 2021 to May 2022.

Israel has significant renewable energy resources including solar, onshore wind, biomass, offshore wind, and geothermal. Israel’s renewable energy resources could easily replace the nation’s power plants fueled by costly imported coal.

Renewable energy development is now booming in Israel due to climate change concerns and costly fossil fuel imports.


Jack Kerfoot

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Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy expert, and author of the book FUELING AMERICA, An Insider’s Journey and articles for The Hill, one of the largest independent political news sites in the United States. He has been interviewed on over 100 radio and television stations from New York City to Los Angeles on numerous energy topics.

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