Qatar Turns To The Sun

National Economy

The population of the State of Qatar is approximately 2.99 million people[1]. In 2021, 100% of the people in this country on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula had access to electricity[2]

In 2021, Qatar’s economy was ranked 54th in the world in gross domestic product (GDP)[3]. The country’s economy is dependent on the export[4] of liquified natural gas, refined petroleum, ethylene polymers, and nitrogenous fertilizers.

Environment Policies

In 2017, Qatar  signed the Paris Climate Agreement[5] committing on actions that will bring about economic diversification that will bring down greenhouse gas emissions. However, Qatar failed to set a specific greenhouse gas reduction target.

In 2020, state-owned, Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation used natural gas (74.3 %), oil (25.1 %), renewable energy (0.04 %) and coal (0.2 %)  to generate electricity in Qatar[6]. Solar is the dominant type of renewable energy used to generate electricity in Qatar.

The only recent renewable energy project in Qatar is as follows:

  • 800 MW Solar Project –  In October 2022, French energy company,  Total Energies, Qatar petroleum company, Qatar Energy, and Japanese multination, Marubeni commissioned the Siraj-1 solar project at a site approximately 40 miles west of the nation’s capital, Doha.


Oil was first discovered in onshore in Qatar[7] in 1940. In 2021, Qatar was the 4th largest natural gas[8] and  16th  largest crude oil[9] exporting country in the world.

Export of natural gas, oil, and petrochemicals are the foundation of Qatar’s economy. In 2020, Qatar exported[10] U.S. $22.2 Billion in natural gas, U.S. $9.89 Billion in crude oil, U.S. $6.14 Billion in refined petroleum, and U.S. $2.71 Billion in petrochemicals.

Qatar has significant undeveloped solar and wind energy potential. However, Qatar has been slow to develop the nation’s renewable resource potential.

Why is Qatar beginning io develop its renewable energy resources? Economics pure and simple. Qatar intends to replace the natural gas and oil used for domestic power generation with renewable energy.

Qatar is now turning to the sun for power.


Jack Kerfoot

Website – “Our Energy Conundrum”



Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy expert, and author of the book FUELING AMERICA, An Insider’s Journey and articles for The Hill, one of the largest independent political news sites in the United States. He has been interviewed on over 100 radio and television stations from New York City to Los Angeles on numerous energy related topics.


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