As The Clock Ticks On Climate Change, Which States Are Dragging Behind?

On September 28, 2021, Jack Kerfoot was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) to discuss which states are succeeding at moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our nation. The link of the 30 minute interview is below –

WPR consists of 37 radio stations programmed by seven regional studios and carrying programming on three content networks – the Ideas Network, the NPR News and Music Network and the All Classical Network.  WPR has two weekly syndicated nationwide programs – “To The Best Of Our Knowledge” and “Zorba Paster On Your Health.”

Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy expert and author of FUELING AMERICA: An Insider’s Journey. He is a board member for the environmental nonprofit, Engineers for a Sustainable Future (ESF). Kerfoot began his career in the energy industry in the 1970s, when America was paralyzed by an energy crisis. He has spent over 45 years traveling the world, working with scientists, bureaucrats, ministers, tycoons, sheiks, and heads of state on a diverse range of energy issues. Kerfoot has been interviewed on over 80 syndicated radio and television shows from New York City to Los Angeles. He is the principal of JL Kerfoot Energy Services. Kerfoot blogs on his website, Our Energy Conundrum, at

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