Climate Change, Hurricanes & Words of Warning

Lean To The Left Podcast

Climate Change, Hurricanes & Words of Warning 

 Host Bob Gatty

Host Bob Gatty interviews Jack Kerfoot on climate change, hurricanes, and President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill.

Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy executive and author of FUELING AMERICA: An Insider’s Journey. He started his professional career in the energy industry in the 1970s, when America was paralyzed by an energy crisis. Kerfoot has spent 40 years traveling the world working with scientists, bureaucrats, ministers, tycoons, sheiks, and heads of state. He has been interviewed on the topic of energy on over 60 syndicated radio and television shows from New York City to Los Angeles. He is the principal of JL Kerfoot Energy Services, serves on the board of the environmental nonprofit, Engineers for a Sustainable Future, and blogs on his website, Our Energy Conundrum at


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