WSGE Radio – Can The Pandemic Move Us Closer To A Clean-Energy Future?

WSGE Radio is an NPR Affiliate located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ken Szymanski, host of the show Public Affairs interviewed Jack Kerfoot on the topic “Can the global pandemic move us closer to a clean-energy future?” The link to the broadcast is below –

Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy executive and author of the book FUELING AMERICA, An Insider’s Journey. He has been on over 50 radio and televisions stations across America discussing the frequently discussed, but poorly understood topic of energy.

Jack started his professional career in the energy industry in the 1970s, when America was paralyzed by an energy crisis. Kerfoot has spent 40 years traveling the world working with scientists, bureaucrats, ministers, tycoons, sheikhs, and heads of state. He is an outspoken advocate for renewable energy and blogs on his website, “Our Energy Conundrum” at

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