Maine On Track To Achieve 100% Renewable Target

The population of the state of Maine is approximately 1.35 million people[1]. In June 2020, state utilities used renewable energy (70.5%), natural gas (29.2%) and coal (0.5%) to generate electricity[2]. Hydropower, wind, and biomass are the primary sources of renewable energy in Maine.

Maine is one of 30 states[3] with a renewable portfolio standard (RPS). The state requires that 80% of the electricity sold in the state comes from renewables by 2030 and 100% by 2050. Maine is also a member of the northeastern Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a group of nine states committed to the reduction of carbon emissions from power generation.

The Maine Public Utility Commission have announced the results of the state’s recent renewable energy tender. The  state’s utility regulators have selected 17 projects, which have a total capacity of 546 MW. The types of projects include solar, onshore wind, hydropower, and biomass.

The Portland Press reported that the average contract rate for power from the winning renewable energy projects was 3.5 ¢ per kWh. The average price for residential electricity in the United States in June 2020 was 13.28 ¢ per kWh.

Maine is also developing new approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as turning capped landfills into solar parks. The state’s Department of Environmental Protection has approved the installation of solar photovoltaic arrays on all former landfills.

Maine is one of fourteen states that has actually mandated that all electricity sold be from 100% renewable energy over the next ten to thirty years. However, Maine is one of the few states that has actually implemented a plan to achieve this goal.

Jack Kerfoot

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