Madagascar Dreams Of Green Electricity

The population of the Republic of Madagascar is approximately 27.85 million people[1]. In 2018, only 25.9% of the people in this southeast African country have access to electricity[2].

Mozambique’s economy is ranked 8th among the forty-seven countries in Sub-Sahara Africa[3]. The country’s economy is dependent on agriculture including exports of vanilla and coffee and emerging tourism.

In 2016, the state power company, Jiro sy Rano Malagasy – Malgache Power and Water (JIRAMA) used petroleum (98%) and renewable energy (2%) to generate electricity in Mozambique[4]. Hydropower and wind are the primary sources of renewable energy in the country.

In 2016, Madagascar signed the Paris Climate Agreement[5], committing to a 14% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, based on a business-as-usual scenario. The country also committed subject to international financial support to a 32% reduction in greenhouse gases.

In May 2018, the Madagascar Ministry Of Water, Energy And Hydrocarbons announced its New Energy Policy (NEP), which is intended to increase access to electricity and to decrease the use of fossil fuels for power. The government set a target to produce 85% of the country’s power from renewable energy by 2030.

Construction has begun on a solar power plant in the city of Andranotakatra, located in the northwest region of the country. The 17 MW capacity solar project which will improve the access to electricity to the country is scheduled to be operation by year-end 2021.

Madagascar has significant hydropower, wind, solar, and biomass renewable energy resources. However, the country’s weak economy makes the goals of increasing access to electricity and producing 85% of the country’s power from renewable energy by 2030 an unobtainable dream. This beautiful, southeast African will require substantial international aid, if the goal of providing electricity to this nation with renewable energy is to be achieved.


Jack Kerfoot

Website – “Our Energy Conundrum”


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