Britannia Ruled The Waves and Now The Wind

Britannia, the British Empire once ruled the waves is now positioned to rule the winds. In 2019, the British government launched the “Offshore Wind Sector Deal,” which is intended to make the country a global leader in offshore wind energy. The goal is for offshore wind to provide over 30% of the country’s electrical power by 2030.

Coal is no longer the inexpensive fuel that was the life blood of the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom (UK). Coal production in the country has been in steady decline since 1913. Oil and gas production in the UK sector of the North Sea has been in steady decline since 1999.

The UK has a population of approximately 67.89 million people. In 2019, utilities used natural gas (38.7%), renewable energy (38.5%), nuclear (19.8%) and coal (3.0%) to generate electricity in the country. Wind, biomass and solar are the primary sources of renewable energy in the UK.

German energy company, Innogy SE has begun work on the 1,400 MW capacity, Sofia offshore wind project. The project is located approximately 120 miles off the northeast coast of the UK. The project is forecast by 2024.

Danish energy company, Danske Commodities has signed a long-term agreement for power from the Hywind floating offshore wind project. The project is the first utility-scale floating wind farm and is located approximately 15 miles off the coast of Peterhead, Scotland.

Winds offshore are consistently stronger and more consistent than onshore. The economic and environmental advantages for offshore wind energy are compelling, compared to coal-fueled or nuclear power.

America’s first utility scale wind project only began operation in December 2017. A major building boom of offshore wind projects has now begun along the eastern sea board of the United States.

Jack Kerfoot

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