2 thoughts on “Zenith Oil Terminal – Jack Kerfoot Portland Commissioner 2 Campaign”

  1. I heard you on the radio this am about renewable energy and nuclear power plants, which I agree with. I would like your projected costs about renewable energy costs now that wind generators with deteriorating towers and blades are having to be replaced with the old blades cut up and buried since they cannot be recycled. The cost of all this is a lot. The cost of keeping the towers lubricated (with oil) and running, repaired etc. They have shaking towers in some parts of the world that might not need the ongoing cost that we have.

    1. The wind turbines are periodically “refreshed” to achieve peak performance. Refreshed means the turbine blades are replaced or the specific components are replaced. The 5.2 cents/kWh is an average cost of power for the life of a typical wind turbine, including the replacement of components.

      Technology is continuing to drive down costs on wind turbines and solar panels. As to nuclear, the positive is no green house gas emissions, but the negatives are cost (4 times the cost of wind) and disposal of nuclear waste. America has the world’s best safety record with nuclear power, but public opposition to nuclear is strong in many areas of the US.

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