I’ve just finished Jack Kerfoot’s new book, Fueling America, and am very pleased to recommend this book to those inside and outside of the Energy industry. Fueling America is an entertaining, interesting, and informative read on the past, present, and future of our energy industry from the perspective of a scientific insider throughout his career in the oil and gas industry.

Jack recounts his adventures around the globe working with oil and gas operators both here in the states and overseas in places most of us have only dreamed of visiting. His personal stories give insight into the lives, cultures, and food of people from many countries around the world, leaving the reader with a sense of awe and wonder; maybe even a wee bit of envy. Jack’s sense of adventure shines through each chapter and maintains an easy, entertaining pace. Although at times, I felt as if I was reading a suspense novel when Jack was deep in negotiations.

Jack recounts many stories of his companies’ experiences and operations with foreign oil and gas companies as well as government National Oil Companies (NOC’s). Many of his negotiations ranged in the hundreds of millions of dollars! As a scientist, it is fascinating to read how he brought the resources together to discover and develop huge hydrocarbon reserves in many producing basins around the world.

And all along the way Jack gives a running update on the historical statistics of oil and gas production, consumption, and pricing. It is truly amazing to see how far we have come in a rather short time. He provides the reader with a sense of the magnitude of the risk we face in our hydrocarbon exploration and the importance of energy in our day to day lifestyles.

Jack also provides a well balanced perspective and summary on the development and potential of various alternative energy sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass). He leaves the reader with a sense of hope that we will in fact ‘round the corner’ in our energy transition. The future of abundant, clean energy is closer than you think!

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