Denmark Continues To Harness The Wind

The Kingdom of Denmark has an estimated population of 5.77 million people. In 2017, utilities in the country used renewable energy (63.7%) and fossil fuels (36.3%) to generate electricity in the country. Imported natural gas and coal are the primary sources of fossil fuels, whiles wind and biomass are the primary sources of renewable energy in Denmark.

Denmark’s energy policy focuses on increasing utility scale renewable energy and reducing carbon dioxide in the heating sector. Denmark is recognized as a global leader in maintaining a highly reliable and secure power grid with intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

In 2018, onshore and onshore wind farms generated over 40% of Denmark’s electrical power. The Danish government intends to continue to develop the country’s significant wind resources.

The Danish government has recently given Vattenfall approval to begin construction of the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. The 604.8 MW capacity wind farm will be located in the Baltic Se, approximately 10 miles off the eastern coast of Denmark. Vattenfall is a multinational power company, headquartered in Solna, Sweden.

The Kriegers Flak offshore will contain 72 Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy 8.0-167 wind turbines. In July 2018, Vattenfall signed a signed a power purchase agreement to supply power from the offshore wind farm with the pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk and the biotechnology company, Novozymes. The Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm is scheduled to be completed by 2022.

The United States began to rapidly develop onshore wind in the Great Plains States after the 2005 Energy Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush. Densely populate Europe has developed significantly less onshore wind energy than the United States. However, Europe has been aggressively developing offshore wind farms over the past decade and lead the world in offshore wind energy. The United States has significantly more offshore wind energy potential than all of Europe. The question is when will America fully exploit our nations vast wind resources.

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