How Would The “Green New Deal” Change Your Way Of Life?

I just finished my 1st of seven radio interviews on energy issues in America. Although I am an advocate for renewable energy, the following is what I said in my interview about the potential impact of the Green New Deal sponsored by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass):

In my opinion, “The Green New Deal will result in chaos and economic disaster! Why? The plan wants to close down all fossil fuel and nuclear power stations (83% of America’s current electrical power sources) and replace them with renewable power sources in just ten years.

I have studied countries and states that have transitioned from fossil fuel to renewables. Rapid, poorly planned programs have resulted in major power outages and 400% to 500% price increases. In Australia, the state of S. Australia went from 40% renewables to 100% in four years. They didn’t have battery storage so when the winds didn’t blow or when the sun went down night, 3 million residents had no power. Electricity costs also sky rocketed. A similar situation occurred in the Province of Ottawa, Canada.

The Green New Deal time line to acquire the land, permit and build thousands of new wind farms and solar parks in ten years is unrealistic. Also, not every region in the US has sufficient renewable resources to provide reliable power for residents. Some regions, such as the SE US may require nuclear to maintain reliable power.

Additionally, the US doesn’t currently have sufficient electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians, drone operators, etc. to support the thousands of new wind and solar projects.

The cost to build the new renewable projects is estimated to be U.S. $ 1 trillion. This doesn’t include the cost to close existing plants and laying thousands of miles of high line wires to the utilities. I expect the real cost would be $4 to $5 trillion over ten years. This means dramatically higher taxes and dramatically higher power costs.

The rapid move to new renewable energy facilities would almost certainly cause major power outages across our country, which will negatively impact hospitals, emergency services and businesses.

In my opinion, the “Green New Deal” is a concept that has not been thoroughly evaluated and would pose major security and economic risks to our country.

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