German Grocery Giant Going Green

Aldi South, one of Germany’s largest discount supermarkets has announced that all of their facilities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland will become carbon neutral by 2019. Aldi South is headquartered in Mulheim, Germany and operate stores in Europe, Asia and North America.

Aldi South has installed 338 solar panels on over 800 stores and distribution centers across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The power at all the stores and distribution centers is provided by renewable energy. Aldi South has also invested over U.S. 25 million in greener refrigeration systems, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 50 percent over the next six years.

Why is Aldi South going green? Economics and corporate responsibility to the environment. Europe intends to increase taxes on energy from fossil fuels. Wind and solar power are already cheaper than fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). The cost to use fossil fuels will only increase in Europe over the next few years. Additionally, consumers around the world are choosing to frequent companies which are environmentally responsible. In my opinion, Aldi South’s announcement shows business acumen and corporate responsibility.

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