4,000 More UK Charging Stations

Chargemaster has announced it will offer free electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across 4,000 hotels in the United Kingdom. The chargers will be installed at any Automobile Association (AA) inspected establishment. Chargemaster supplies charging infrastructure for EVs and is headquartered in Luton, England. In June 2018, British Petroleum (BP) entered into an agreement to acquire Chargemaster. AA is a British motoring association that was founded in 1905.

Chargemaster believe EV charging stations will soon become an expected hotel amenity, like Wi-Fi. BP’s acquisition of Chargemaster is another indication that the large oil companies are moving into renewable energy and electric vehicles. It will not be difficult for BP, ExxonMobil or Royal Dutch Shell to convert their petrol stations to EV charging stations. In my opinion, the EV horseless carriage will be arriving quicker than most people imagine.

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