British Islands Developing Renewable Energy & Storage Program

The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago, located 28 miles southwest of the Cornish coast in England. The islands residents are heavily dependent on imported coal and petroleum for fuel to produce electricity. The 2,200 island residents pay 30% more for electricity than residents on mainland, Cornwall.

The local government is implementing a program to use solar power, batteries, smart heating technologies and electric vehicles (EVs) to create a low carbon energy environment on the islands. Installation of the program’s infrastructure will commence in the autumn of 2018. Solar panels will be installed on the roofs of over seventy resident’s homes and the islands’ fire station, recycling facility and desalination plant. Isles of Scilly Community Venture, a local nonprofit will sell power produced by the solar panels.

Moixa will install a total 43.8 kWh of smart batteries in residents’ homes and at government facilities. Smart control systems will optimize the batteries, heat pumps and water heaters for householders, which will reduce electricity costs. Moixa will also use an electric charging point to pilot a vehicle-to-grid charging system. Moixa, headquartered in London, England is a technology company that focuses on energy innovation.

The European Regional Development Fund is providing US $10.0 million in financing for the energy program on the Isles of Scilly. The objectives of this program are to reduce resident’s electricity costs by more than 30% and to increase renewable energy demand to over 40%.

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