Electric Vehicle Evolution

Automobile, technology and energy companies have been investing billions of dollars in electric vehicle (EV) research and development. Independent research by dozens of companies has resulted in significant innovation in the development of the vehicles and batteries. The downside to this innovation is a lack of standards, especially in battery development.

As with any new technology, the initial phase of innovation is followed by collaboration and standardization. Standardization will allow the technology to be easily marketed around the world. Honda Motor Company and General Motor Company have agreed to work together in the development of battery systems for EVs. General Motors and Honda already work together on fuel cell vehicles, which are zero-emission and run on the power created when hydrogen fuel combines with oxygen in the air to produce water.

Nissan Motor Company has partnered with Renault SA on electric vehicle technology. Tokyo Motor Company is partnering on electric vehicle technology with the Mazda Motor Corporation. In my opinion, the company collaboration will bring standards to EVs, which in turn will expedite the move from combustion engine vehicles to EVs.

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