South Miami – Florida’s Renewable Energy Ray of Sunshine

Philip Stoddard is a professor at Florida International University and advocate for renewable energy. Professor Stoddard is also mayor of South Miami, a community in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Mayor Stoddard has been championing rooftop solar and the development of renewable energy. Florida Power & Light (FLP), the state’s sole utility has consistently resisted Mayor Stoddard’s renewable energy initiatives.

Mayor Stoddard recently reminded his constituents that Florida ranks 8th in rooftop solar energy potential, but only 20th in installed distributed solar energy on a per capita basis. The failure to develop the Florida’s rooftop solar potential is due to intense opposition by FLP. Rooftop solar will curtail energy consumption by the consumer, which FLP views as a financial threat.

Mayor Stoddard has remained steadfast in his commitment to renewable energy. The mayor has passed a solar energy ordinance requiring new homes built in the city have solar panels. South Miami was the first city in Florida to pass this type of ordinance. May Stoddard has also supported the creation of solar purchasing cooperatives and energy storage projects. In my opinion, South Miami is Florida’s renewable energy ray of sunshine.

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