New Electric Vehicle Charging Station

A common topic of discussion in the automobile industry is the “tipping point” for electric vehicles (EVs). The tipping point occurs when more EVs are purchased in a year than vehicles with combustion engines. In my opinion, the tipping point for EVs in the United States will occur when the following three events occur:

1. EVs with a fully charged battery can drive distances greater than 350 miles
2. EV battery charging stations are as common as gasoline and diesel stations
3. The battery on an EV can be fully charged in less than ten minutes.

Automobile companies in the United States, Europe and Asia are investing billions of dollars in EV research and development. Multinational companies like Alphabet, Microsoft, Nidec and Tesla are also investing billions of dollars on EV research.
Nidec Industrial Solutions (NSI) is the latest company to announce a major technology development that will hasten the tipping point for EVs. NSI has announced a battery-based, ultra-fast charger for EVs. The EV charger places minimal additional pressure on the utility power grid. NSI is a subsidiary of Nidec, a manufacturer of motor application products and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

NSI’s charger has an energy requirement of 50 kW and is able to supply 320 kW to 350 kW of power output to an EV. A fifteen minute charge on NSI’s charging system will allow an EV to travel over 180 miles. NSI’s charging system can supply either 320 kW to one EV or 160 kW to two EVs in parallel.

Almost every month, I read about new developments in EV technology. In my opinion, the EV tipping point in the United States may be as soon as 2025.

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