Asia Pacific Energy Storage Venture

Fluence, Lyon Group and JERA have agreed to collaborate on new utility scale energy storage projects in the Asia Pacific region. Fluence is a Siemens and AES energy storage joint venture, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Lyon Group invests in renewable energy, water and agriculture projects and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. JERA is a power generation and energy infrastructure company and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The companies will collaborate to identify utility and industrial scale battery storage solution opportunities at existing renewable and thermal generation plants. Lyon will be the project developer, JERA will be the lead investor and Fluence will provide energy storage solutions.

The companies will begin with the following solar plus storage projects in Australia:
• A 55-MW solar/80-MWh storage project in Queensland
• A 253-MW solar and 80-MW solar/320-MWh storage project in Victoria
• A 253-MW solar and 100-MW solar/400-MWh storage project in South Australia

The Fluence, Lyon and JERA collaboration agreement is based on the common understanding that the world requires low emissions energy systems that are also secure, reliable and affordable.

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