Potential Electric Vehicle Battery Breakthrough

Graphene is an advanced material composed of a lattice of carbon atoms. Researchers are studying ways to use graphene in energy storage batteries. Graphene is very lightweight, stronger than steel and highly conductive of heat and electricity.

In 2017, Samsung announced the development of a material that would allow lithium-ion batteries to charge five times faster and have 45% more capacity. This could revolutionize the electric car market, significantly increasing driving time on a battery charge. The recharging time of an electric car would be similar to the time it takes a vehicle with a combustion engine to be filled with gasoline. Samsung is a multinational corporation that is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung businesses include electronics, information technology, heavy industry, construction, insurance and advertising.

In my opinion, the potential of graphene is very exciting. The electric vehicle industry in the world will be revolutionized if this technology can be developed in the next few years.

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