U.S. Solar Technology

Iris Photovoltaics Inc. (Iris PV) is developing silicon solar panels which have the potential to increase silicon PV efficiency by 25% to 30%. Iris PV was formed in February 2017 and is located in Palo Alto, California. Iris PV adds a crystalline metal-halide perovskite layers to coat standard silicon cells, which creates a “tandem” solar panel. The “tandem” solar panels generate a greater amount of electricity per panel.

Iris PV’s silicon solar panels manufacturing costs are comparable to most solar PV panels. However, Iris PV’s silicon solar panels will save individual homeowners, thousands of dollars in electricity costs compared to current solar PV panels. Inkjet printing is used to uniformly coat large areas and complex patterns in the Iris PV silicon solar panel. The inkjet printers improve quality control and contributes to lowering the overall cost of the Iris PV solar panel.

The U.S. solar industry is anxiously awaiting the commercial production of Iris PV’s new silicon solar panels. The Iris PV solar panels can create a monumental surge in the use of solar energy in the U.S. if the efficiency scales and commercial cost forecast can be achieved. In my opinion, new technology, not tariffs will revitalize the American solar industry.

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