Increasing Electric Vehicle Charger Access

Tesla has set a goal of selling more than 100,000 electric vehicles (EV) in 2018. To achieve this aggressive sales goal, Tesla will need to remove impediments to EV, such as access to charging stations.

To overcome the difficulty of finding an EV charging station, Tesla has launched the Destination Charging Program and the Workplace Charging Program. Tesla’s Destination Charging Program offers EV chargers at restaurants, resorts, and hotels with free installation. The commercial property owner only needs to pay for the cost the electricity. The EV chargers are displayed on Tesla’s navigation systems and are available for public use. The Workplace Charging Program will install EV chargers free to businesses that apply for the program.

In my opinion, this is an innovate approach to remove impediments from people purchasing EVs. The only downside is Tesla charging stations will not work on every other EV that isn’t manufactured by Tesla. In my opinion, it is this type of innovation that will accelerate the shift in the purchase of vehicles from the internal combustion engine to the EV.

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